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OmniPrise was initially started as a Sole Proprietorship in 2004. In July 2010 OmniPrise, LLC was formed.

OmniPrise, LLC provides technical consulting services including enterprise, technical and solution architecture; Enterprise Application Integration; software development using Java and C++; web site design and development; and services around conversion to or utilization of Cloud computing.

All About an Idea

OmniPrise developed from the concept of Pervasive Computing in the early-2000's.  Then Pervasive Computing referred to:

The overall idea at that time was development of applications that users could access from anywhere on various devices.  In the mid- to late-2000's the concept of Cloud Computing was beginning to take shape, through it was still very Enterprise centric. The advent of services like and Amazon Web Services meant any business could build enterprise class systems without investing in infrastructure and administrators.  Mom and Pop shops and individuals were still left to find Web Hosting services.

Today services from Google like Google Cloud Platform and GSuite are bringing real Cloud Computing capabilities of scalability and ubiquity to everyone, from the Fortune 100 down to the one-man shop.  Whether you're using a PC or a Mac, Windows or Linux, a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or SmartPhone, as long as you've got a browser, you can get to pages and applications hosted on the Google services.  OmniPrise's time has arrived.  This page, in fact, is hosted on Google AppEngine, one of the Google Cloud Platform offerings.

Derivation of a Name

From Merriam-Webster's Dictionary:

omni- combining form [Latin, from omnis] : all : universally <omnidirectional>

en·ter·prise noun [Middle English, from Middle French, from Old French entreprendre to undertake, from entre- inter- + prendre to take -- more at PRIZE] (15th century) 1 : a project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky 2 : readiness to engage in daring action : INITIATIVE 3 a : a unit of economic organization or activity; especially : a business organization b : a systematic purposeful activity <agriculture is the main economic enterprise among these people>

Bringing it together:

omni·prise an idea The Universal Enterprise 

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